Under terms of the Mount Rinjani National Park, where Guide and Porter is the main requirement Trekking Rinjani implementation process for local or international Climber. Realizing this, we accommodate local society who have skills in the field to become guide and porter who must already have licency and skills that are recognized by the Mount Rinjani National Park Departement. had 5 people Guide and 25 porters who are ready to serve and bring hikers who want to climb Mount Rinjani by using the services of our trekking organizer with the duties and functions of each.

During the trekking rinjani underway, Guide has the function of maintaining and coordinating the climbers and functions that are already commonplace in general, they will guide trekkers to climb Mount Rinjani or in other words that Guide is fully responsible for the security, kenyamam, and satisfaction of our customers.

While porters or laborers pelvis has a very complex function, among others, they will be in charge of carrying akomdodasi and food needed during the hike rinjani such as: Tent, Toilet tent, sleeping bag, food, mineral water and other beverages, korsi mountain, mattresses, pillows, and sebgaianya. Dismaping also, porter will play an important role in providing food during the ascent, both main meals or snacks and other coverings. So that trekkers will feel safe and comfortable during the hike rinjani.