Lombok Tours

Sendang Gila Waterfall

Describe : Sendang gila waterfall is located on 600 m, above sea level and it has more or less 35 m length, this waterfall has owning two different level , where the first level emerge from the big hole of high bank then fall to the small pool it around 15 m length . And …

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Senaru Sasak Village

Describe : Senaru village is located in hillside of Rinjani mount just 50 m, from Rinajani National Park lodge. Amount of family head has lived in this village is only 20 family head. The roof of sasak house like a mount, which facing downward with 1,5-2 meters distance from base land. The roof and its …

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Lombok Traditonal Tour

Pick up services at your hotel Your first stop will be Kebon Rowek Traditional Market where you can see all local Sasak Lombok sell and buy all daily need. BANYUMULEK Banyumulek is one of the principal pottery centres on the island .located about 10 km south of Mataram ,it has become known throughout the International …

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Gili Island Tour

The three Gili islands are still excellent for snorkeling despite the devastation wreaked by the El Nino weather phenomenon in 1998. Some 90% of the hard corals around the islands down to 20 meters suffered badly at the time from bleaching and are still recovering. While you can snorkel directly from the beach, a good …

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